Fitness Gear Pro Olympic Weight Bench Review 2024


For those looking to use a weight bench with a power rack, there is a less expensive setup available in the form of an Olympic weight bench. This terminology may be confusing, as Olympic weightlifting does not involve the use of a bench. However, the “Olympic” in the product title refers to the fact that … Read more

Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench Review 2024

fitness gear pro utility bench

Please Keep in mind The Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench is ONLY available for pick-up at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods store. If you want a high-quality adjustable bench delivered to your door for an amazing price, you should consider the POWERBLOCK Sport Bench. It’s our best value adjustable weight bench! Click here to check … Read more

What Is The Best Portable Weight Bench for 2024?

woman using bench for dumbbell row

While you probably have a favorite gym at home, chances are good that at some point, you will find yourself away from that gym and in need of a substitute. If you prefer to have your own travel equipment instead of relying on hotel gyms, then a portable bench is an essential part of your … Read more

What is The Best Olympic Weight Bench For 2024?

man on olympic weight bench in gym

If you are looking for an affordable and space-efficient way to do many major lifts in your home gym, then an Olympic weight bench may be an appropriate choice for you. Many people are confused by the name “Olympic bench,” but this generally refers to a bench that comes with what is essentially a half-rack. … Read more

What Is The Best Adjustable Weight Bench for 2024?

man dumbbell pressing weight

A well-equipped home gym can give a serious boost to achieving your long-term fitness goals. We all have our personal preferences when it comes to working out. Not everyone feels completely comfortable sweating it out in the company of others at a public gym. Many can’t afford the time to visit a gym in their … Read more