What is The Best Half Rack for Home in 2024?

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Choosing to invest in a home gym is very wise, you save money that you would otherwise spend on gym membership and since your home is a private and enjoyable environment, your workouts sessions are more intense. Half racks are a great place to start and since picking the right one might be a challenge, here is a guide for you:

The 4 Best Half Rack Reviews

Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack

ProductFitness Gear Pro Half Rack
ManufacturerFitness Gear Pro
Hole Spacing2 in
Weight Capacity600 lbs
Steel Gauge14-gauge
Upright Tubing Size2″ x 2″
Dimensions51″ L x 65.7″ W x 85″ H
Product Weight127.4 lbs

You’ll be able to fin our next half rack, the Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack, at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods.

This power rack features 28 height adjustment options, as well as a 600-pound capacity – the most of any half-rack on our list.

A highlight of this rack is the six plate storage bars on the back. Again, this is more than any rack on our list.

Even at its weight maximum, this rack is very sturdy and will hold up for a long time. It’s made with 14-gauge steel, which is actually weaker than the 12-gauge steel that most power racks are made of.

For those looking for a compact home gym option for a small room, this power rack has some features you may enjoy. It provides a great value for what you pay, especially compared to other available options on the market.

If you’re interested in more information, check out our full review of the Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack.


  • 28 levels of adjustability
  • Multi-grip pull-up bar
  • Six posts for plate storage
  • 600 lb capacity


  • 14-gauge steel

Cap Barbell FM-8000F Deluxe Power Cage

ProductCAP Barbell
ManufacturerCAP Barbell Deluxe Power Cage
Hole Spacing3 in
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Steel Gauge14-gauge
Upright Tubing Size2″ x 2″
Dimensions47″ L x 61″ W x 85″ H
Product Weight103 lbs

If you are looking for a durable solution, this is a great option for you.

It is made using 12 and 14 gauge sturdy steel and thanks to a 3-step powder coat finish, it is extra durable. It also includes a support bar across the top which can easily be used as a pull-up bar.

It can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds for all activities including bar catches and workouts on the upper bar.


  • Does not occupy a large space
  • Made using durable sturdy 12 and 14 gauge steel
  • Great for outdoor use due to its durability
  • Reasonably priced


  • Bands, weights, and other accessories are not included.

Reebok Half Cage

ManufacturerReebok Half Cage
Hole Spacing3 in
Weight Capacity500 lbs
Steel Gauge14-gauge
Upright Tubing Size3″ x 3″
Dimensions52″ L x 59″ W x 87″ H
Product Weight186 lbs

This half rack is similar to the Cap Barbell Deluxe Power Cage in terms of durability. It is made using the same material and it is coated in the same exact way.

However, a design feature that includes a welded bar from either prop going down to the prop base makes it even stronger.

It can support a bar at a height of 87″ at the top. It can also support a higher maximum weight of 500 pounds for all activities.

Both props are connected using a single bar at the bottom but the extra pull up bar at the top improves on its rigidity.


  • Made using durable sturdy 12 and 14 gauge steel
  • Very versatile for a standard half-rack
  • Easy to assemble but stable
  • Storage space for weights on either side of the props
  • Quite affordable for the features it offers
  • Can be used indoors and also outdoors as well
  • Can support a higher maximum weight
  • Has pull up bar


  • Does not come with essential accessories

Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage

ProductFuel Pureformance
ManufacturerFuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage
Hole Spacing3 in
Weight Capacity500 lbs
Steel Gauge14-gauge
Upright Tubing Size2″ x 2″
Dimensions45.6″ L x 61.4″ W x 85″ H
Product Weight102 lbs

This is the perfect minimalist option available for people looking for half racks.

It can be adjusted to support a bar from up to 85″ at the top and it can also support a maximum weight of 500 pounds.


  • Made of oversized tubing and powder-coated finish for durability.
  • Does not require a wall or floor mount thanks to its freestanding design
  • Quite affordable as compared to other stands
  • Has pull up bar


  • Weight storage prongs are small
  • Doesn’t support much weight

​Our Recommendation

When you have worked out for some time at a gym, you get to a point where you are pretty much self-reliant.

Your life doesn’t even have to get in the way of your workout routine or vise versa. In this regard, a half-rack would be a good investment for you.

If you are looking for a minimalist option, then the Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage is the best option for you.

For people looking for a slightly more advanced option, the Cap Barbell Deluxe Power Cage is the best option. It can handle a reasonable weight for both the top bar and the barbell.

However, based on what we know, the clear winner is the Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack. Despite taking up little space it can also support a greater maximum weight as compared to other half racks.

It is made using sturdy material and an extra coating material makes it even more durable.

Finally, this half rack offers the most flexibility thanks to its 28 adjustable options.

​How To Choose The Best Half Rack

How Much Space Do I Have And What Size of Half Rack Do I Need?

Generally, half racks occupy less space than full on power cages.

However, they are larger than squat stands or wall-mounted stands.

You need to carefully determine if the space you have will accommodate the half rack that you want and still leave room for mobility and storage of other equipment in your home gym.

After you determine that you can house a particular size, you need to establish whether on not the half rack will be a perfect size for you.

As a rule of thumb, larger-sized racks cost more but keep in mind that you cannot compromise on size. A small half-rack may prove to be completely useless.

How Much Can I Spend?

This is a very crucial step in picking the right half rack for your home gym.

Half racks tend to be a middle ground between power racks and squat stands. This makes them vary quite a bit when it comes to pricing.

You need to carefully manage your expectations based on the finances you have at your disposal.

What Are The Advantages of Using Half Racks?

Takes Up Minimum Space

Most half racks have a maximum height of 81″ making them fit in pretty much any home gym.

Since home gyms are usually limited in the space they would have, this is a great advantage.​

Very Affordable

Half racks actually make quitting the gym a thing to consider.

Many of them offer a great array of workout routines and since you can do them with just one piece of equipment, paying a lot of money to go do the same in a gym stops making sense.

Offers Great Flexibility Along With Safety

Contrary to power racks, half racks are only made with two props holding the barbell instead of four.

Most half-rack models include safety bars that restrain the weight bar in the event of a failed rep.

The design of the unrestrained barbell gives you a great degree of flexibility which enables you to switch out a bar easily as you are never inside the rack.

They Are Perfect For Olympic Lifting

Chances are, you have been getting better at lifting and this might be the reason for wanting to get a half rack.

Olympic lifting basically refers to a more coordinated and balanced sequence during your workout.

Half racks are great for this purpose and getting one is a great idea if you want to maintain good form as you lift.

Things To Look For When Comparing Different Half Racks

What Extra Features Does It Come With?

Many half racks in the market are just copies of one another. Many will come equipped with pull-up bars and spotter arms. Likewise, most racks will facilitate plate storage.

It’s totally frustrating to choose just one that serves you all the way. It’s important to determine whether a half-rack has the features that you want.

For example, look out for the kind of handles on the pull-up bar. Some half racks have small handles and this may be a deal-breaker.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the steel gauge of the steel uprights used in the construction of the power rack. Higher graded steel will allow for a greater weight capacity of the power rack.

How Much Can I Do With It?

You obviously want the half-rack you choose to give you the best value for your money in terms of workouts. This means allowing you to perform different types of workouts without worrying about your safety.

What You Need To Know Before Using Half Racks

​When it comes to weight lifting aids, there are several types.

These include power racks, squat stands, half racks, and wall mounts.

Although half racks are a great piece of equipment that will add tons of versatility to a home gym, it is important to note that not everyone should consider buying one. Half racks are designed for people who do a moderate type of workout and want to involve some level of flexibility in their routine.

They are best used by people who have some experience and although they are not quite there when it comes to extreme lifting, they are not for rookies.