What Are The Best Squat Stands for Home for 2024?

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woman squatting with man spotting

If you want your home gym to be successful, you might want to get the right gear from the start.

Squat stands, half racks, and power racks are a great way to go, but you need to pick the right one.

You want whatever you do to complement your routine and push you where you need to be pushed.

We will be reviewing the following products to determine which are the best squat stands available in 2024:

How To Choose The Best Squat Stands

​The best way to determine whether a particular squat stand is good for you is to ask yourself these questions:

How much space do I need?

Chances are, you are buying a squat stand for your personal use and you need to fit it into your home gym. You don’t want the stand you pick to clutter your space and occupy all or most of it.

First, determine whether you have sufficient floor space after taking out what the stand will use up.

Second, determine whether the room you are using has a high enough ceiling to fit the particular stand you have your eye on.

Finally, after establishing that it fits, it is important to determine whether the space that is left is enough for other gym equipment and if there is enough extra space left for your free movement.

Do I need to Purchase Extra Items or Equipment?

Usually, a squat stand requires that you have weights and many other equipment that would complement it.

A single purchase would not include this extra equipment and it would be a good idea to first determine what else you will need to buy after buying the stand.

What is The Best Size For Me?

A larger stand usually equals a pricier tag but compromise is not an option.

However, some stands usually come with adjustable settings for different dimensions such as height. In this case, these stands would be perfect for a group or family where people of different heights would use it.

What is My Budget?

Obviously this is a concern for anyone looking to purchase any new piece of equipment for their home gym.

For squat stands, it’s especially important to carefully plan your budget since you may need to purchase more equipment after buying the stand.

What Are The Advantages of Using Squat Stands?

Fitness equipment usually offer a great array of benefits to the user.

Squat stands primarily add structure to the way you work out and this structure usually translates to a more powerful and safe workout session.

Here are a few notable benefits to using squat stands:

Takes Up Minimum Space

This is a clear contrast to most other gym equipment.

Being already tight for the space that is available to you, using a squat stand would be a great idea.

It is compact and it can be fitted neatly in a corner of your intended space.


When starting your fitness journey, your overall form may not be all that good and chances are you may not have a partner.

To avoid causing yourself any unnecessary injury, it is best to use a squat stand.

Your weights will be held in place when you feel a lack of energy to finish a rep.

They Offer a Great Array of Exercise Options

It is important to do as many variations of your workout in order to work as many muscles as possible.

Thanks to its versatility, a squat stand will enable you to carry out an effective workout every time.

Things To Look For When Comparing Different Squat Stands

How much can it be adjusted?

This is an important feature to consider especially if you intend to use it with several other people and if you have different heights.

Most adjustable squat stands are limited in that extreme adjustments that would accommodate both a 5-foot person and a 6-foot 3-inch person, for example, may not be easy to find.

However, adjustments within a reasonable range are common.

How many different exercises can I do on it?

A good squat stand will aim to allow you to do as many different exercises as it possibly can.

Look for a stand that would allow pressing, pull-up exercises, squats, and any other power exercises.

What’s The Best Way to Use A Squat Stand?

There are several different exercises you can do with the help of a squat stand and as shown here, they offer great variations to the muscle they work.

Here are some examples:

1. Squat It involves a crouching then standing motion. The aim is to work the led muscles and to improve the back’s strength by using a weight. Here is a video to guide you:

2. Deadlift – It involves lifting a weight with the help of a bar from the ground and then while standing, up above your head. The second part which involves the overhead lit may not be necessary since this exercise mainly works your glutes and your back.

3. Overhead Press – As the name suggests, this exercise is meant to be done with the weight above your head. Reps are done with the weight being lifted up and down from your shoulders to a position above the head.

4. Barbell Lunges – This an exercise similar to squats except that it involves lunging forward with one leg. The weight is positioned on the shoulder and after taking a step forward, you perform a lunge where you bend the rear leg to touch the floor. Subsequent reps are done with the other leg.

5. Bent-Over Row – This exercise is similar to the deadlift except for this time you are bent over forward and your knees are slightly bent. When you lift up the weight to your waist level, you then lift it to your chest. Subsequent reps involve lifting the weight from your waist to your chest and back.​

3 Best Squat Stands

Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand

This stand is a perfect minimalist option for anyone looking to purchase a squat stand.

It can be adjusted to support a bar from 42″ to 77″ at the top making it ideal for pull up exercises as well as squats and bench pressing. It can support a maximum weight of 500 pounds for squats and 350 pounds for bench pressing loads and pull-ups.

It is 57.5 pounds in weight and since both prop towers are completely separate it is easy to tuck into a corner after a workout.


  • Allows a wide adjustment setting for Olympic size bars.
  • With a height of up to 6 ft 5″ you can place the bar to use for pull-ups
  • Has storage pegs for neat placement of weights after a workout
  • Has weight catchers to ensure safety during workouts


  • Lacks stability and you may need to add weight plates on storage pegs to prevent collapse
  • You will need to purchase a bench

Valor Fitness BD-6 Squat/Bench Combo

This stand is a perfect option for people looking to further enhance their routines scope.

It can be adjusted to support a bar from 32″ to 61″ at the top making it ideal for doing squats and bench pressing. It can support a maximum weight of 650 pounds for all activities.

Its packaging weighs 97.5 pounds for the first box and 47 pounds for the second one.

Both prop towers are connected using two bars making it rigid and thanks to 5 welded bar pegs, you can easily position your bars based on your height.

It doesn’t come with a bench and despite this, it is still a great option for upper body lifting exercises.


  • Provide storage space for plates on either side of the props
  • Features a simple assembly process
  • It is quite affordable for the features it offers
  • Offers a great array of workout options


  • Not ideal for tall people, usually above 6’2″

Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

This is a great stand for you if you need a durable solution.

It is good for outdoor setups and is easy to assemble in case you need to move it often.

It can be adjusted to support a bar from up to 85″ at the top making it ideal for doing pull-ups, chin-ups, leg lifts, dips, and squats.

It can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds for all activities at the maximum height which is not ideal for heavy people or intense workouts but it is great for most people.

Both prop towers are connected using two bars, one at the top and one at the bottom.

It does not come with a bench and this may be a deal-breaker but keep in mind that it is the best stand for pull-ups especially for tall people.


  • Supports many types of workouts
  • Made using durable sturdy 12 and 14 gauge steel
  • Stable but easy to assemble
  • Does not require a wall or floor mount thanks to its freestanding design
  • Quite affordable as compared to other stands


  • Takes up quite some space and may pose a challenge when storing
  • Might be too light or unstable for intense workouts


If you want a simple and easy stand, then you will be pleased with the Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand.

It can handle pretty much anything you would want from a squat stand and it is neat and compact.

For tall people looking especially for pull-up stands, the Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand is the best option. It is tall enough to support your height and it is rigid enough.

Based on our evaluation, however, the clear winner is the Valor Fitness BD-6 Squat/Bench Combo.

It takes up a moderate amount of space and thanks to storage props, it also saves up the space your weights take up.

It is made to be as rigid as possible thanks to the welds of two bars across the upright props it is safe to use.

It allows the user to do a wide array of exercises making it a great bargain.​